Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Everything is still going well just trying to make sure I eat enough since my appetite is diminished. I guess the baby is already infringing on my stomach space. The baby has been moving around more and more especially in the last few weeks. It feels like Schnitzel/Spaetzle is doing somersaults in there. The baby seems to be the most acrobatic after I eat so they are either trying to make room or they are a food lover like their mother!

No I am not having twins! Why do I keep saying they? I try and say baby or Schnitzel/Spaetzle as much as possible, but it is hard to do that every time and I just can't bring myself to call them "it". My baby is not and it! If anyone has a better solution let me know.

We had a great visit with my sister, Laura, this past weekend. She helped me paint the baby's room the perfect color called 'Froggy'. We had a great time showing her all the sites around Portland. Below we are at the Pittock Mansion which was built around the same time as the house Laura is restoring and there are beautiful gardens there.

I am anxious to go back to St. Louis in a few weeks and see everyone for a long weekend. Unfortunately, Jeff will be staying home this trip and taking care of the dogs. Looking forward to seeing those of you that are in St. Louis soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

9 years

We had our 9 year wedding anniversary on June 23 and went out to dinner to celebrate. I was about 19 weeks along and now you can really tell I am pregnant.