Saturday, June 13, 2009


My baby pooch has started poking out in the last few weeks. I am kinda at the point where people may wonder if I am pregnant or eating too many muffins for an extra big muffin top!

I am really feeling much better which is good since we just got back from a trip to Boston and Nantucket for a friends wedding that was planned pre-pregnancy. I was glad to have been in my second trimester and past the sickness and over tiredness.

For a couple weeks I have been feeling the baby moving around and now that I am 17 weeks along, they are apparently the size of a turnip!


  1. i wanna rub you little baby pooch!!!

  2. Karen and Jeff,
    Just wanting to say "Hi", and I've been enjoying your blog. You look terrific, Karen! And yes, I do not understand the saddle in the airplane museum. Two months left! Hard to believe. Have fun with the final preparations.
    Love you,
    (Aunt) Pat