Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home Stretch - The third trimester

The baby is kicking around a lot now and has even had the hiccups a few times. It is such an odd feeling when the baby is wriggling around inside, I can just sit and watch my belly move around. I am still feeling pretty good, just now starting to feel like my belly is getting in the way. I am sure that feeling will only increase as my belly does.

The baby's room is all painted and full of baby stuff, thanks to so many of you! We are growing very anxious for the little one to arrive. It still feels like we have a long way to go, I know the time will pass very quickly though.


  1. My, little Schnitzel/Spaetzel has grown! Are you SURE the due date is November? (Just kidding!) How much weight have you gained now?

  2. Hey Mama!!
    You look great!! Looks like Screech and I will be in St. Louis sometime around New Year's. Can't wait to see you guys and meet Baby Schnitzel or Spaetzle.
    Lotsa Love From Indiana!!!

  3. Holy shit I just found out about this! Girl, you need to keep a brother more informed. I bet you were going to have the baby before I found out about it if I hadn't found Jeff on Facebook!
    So big love and congrats to you girl.. as I told Jeff, you are going to be amazing parents. I can't wait to meet your offspring. I miss you guys and hope I will have the opportunity to see you around new years.. I am going to new Orleans for a wedding around then, so let me know when you are coming! Send me your number to I lost it when I lost my old phone. Love ya!

    -Matt F

  4. You look so pretty and radiant. Being pregnant really suits you. Thanks for sharing your precious memories with Martin and me. We hope to see you in October. We need to catch up. Ciao Bella! Best Regards, Christina Stein