Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Toys

I know many of you think that some of my ideas are a bit nutty and it will probably only become more so now that we are having a kid. Everyone has their own parenting style and we hope that, although you may not agree with ours, you respect us enough to follow our wishes. We are only trying to do what we feel is best for our baby.

There has been recall after recall of toys from China being laced with lead and other hazardous materials. That being said, we feel very strongly that we do not want our child to have your normal plastic toys from China that may or may not have hazardous materials/chemicals in them. Or toys that use batteries only to be dumped in a landfill to seep into the groundwater.

There are a lot of options out there these days and I have included some links to some websites below. Wooden toys, bamboo, organic cotton, rubber and recycled plastic bottle toys are a great options.

Rubberwood Toys

Rubber trees produce latex that is then used to make rubber. When the trees fully mature, they no longer produce latex and are burned. Some toys companies are now taking this abandoned rubberwood and making beautiful toys. Many of these trees are also grown without pesticides, making them organic as well as sustainable.

Bamboo Toys

Bamboo is a sustainable tall grass that grows abundantly and without need for much care or water. An entire forest can regenerate in just three short years. Easy to grow and easy to maintain, bamboo is also light, flexible and a wonderful material from which to craft green toys.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is cotton that is grown without the use of harmful pesticides. Organic cotton is also grown using plants that have not been genetically modified. The growth of conventional cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop and accounts for a large percentage of the world’s pesticide use. The use of organic cotton reduces the amount of these chemicals entering the watershed and also from irritating your child’s skin.

Recycled Toys

Manufacturers that make recycled toys use materials that have been previously utilized and then turn them into new playthings. Some companies, such as Green Toys, are using recycled plastic from used milk jugs and making colorful, safe, and fun preschool toys such as tea sets and beach buckets.

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